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My Dogs of the 70`s


Welcome to my Photo Album.
Click each link to view larger photo.

These are some of our dogs that we both owned, showed and bred back in the 70`s.

The likes of which are sadly gone forever now.

Mind you some of the temperaments weren`t what they are now but that was just part of owning and showing Australian Cattle Dogs back then.

The big plus to their temperament was you knew which ever child or adult was with them they were 110% safe.

My current dogs would beat you to death with their wagging tail. LOL

At the bottom of this page you will see two of Jamies descendants, even though he is long gone we have new little ones we can trace right back to him, which is great.

Aust Ch Wooleston Blue Jamie
Sire Aust Ch Taits Glen Johnny
Dam Wooleston Blue Jacket
Jamie had 500+ points to his credit when he retired from the showring.
Aust Ch Niwri Blue Tiger
Sire Aust Ch Blueheel Smokey
Dam Liamena Little Milko
Milflow Megs
Sire Aust Ch Vesterose Rover
Dam Bannercourt Blue Jedda
Meg won Challenge & BOB at
Hobart Royal 1975
Vesterose Blue Pepper
Sire Aust Ch Vesterose Rustler
Dam Vesterose Debbie
Vesterose Blue Pepper
Bred by Lester Trewin
Aust Ch Wooleston Blue Jamie
Bred By Bernice Walters
Beauvest Bluey on left
Aust Ch Adelphi Martin
Sire Aust Ch Wooleston Blue Jock
Dam Aust Ch Wooleston Blue Jara
Beauvest Bluey 3 months
Sire Aust Ch Adelphi Martin
Dam Milflow Megs
Beauvest Bluey &
Aust Ch Adelphi Martin
Martin was owned by the Lindsay`s in Tassie
George Mumford Showing
Vesterose Blue Pepper
Cornfield Carouselle
Sire Aust Ch Workline Warrior
Dam Aust Ch Belroy Linden Lea
Beauvest Bluey
Aust Ch Niwri Blue Tiger
Bred By Philip Irwin
Beauvest Bluey
Mobile Milk Bar
Vesterose Blue Pepper
Beauvest Royal Larrikin
DOB 9/10/2008
Direct decendant of CH
Wooleston Blue Jamie
Beauvest Blue Opal
photo taken at 8 weeks.
DOB 9/10/2008
Direct decendant of Ch
Wooleston Blue Jamie
Sup Ch, Am Ch Landmaster Memphis Blues also goes back to
Aust Ch Wooleston Blue Jamie




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