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  Pups come to you at 8 weeks of age, or 12 weeks if being flown,


regular worming,

vet checked,


Baer tested ( hearing )

reg with Dogs Vic, 


Puppies are regularly handled by both adults and children, and socialized.

The temperament of our bitches and the dogs that we take them to is of the upmost importance to us.

You will be informed as to the status or possible status of the litter e.g. wether the pups will be PRA a, PRA b, or they could be either PRA a or PRA b. None of which will go blind from Progressive Retina Atrophy.


Please be aware any buyers that require their pup DNA tested for PRCD,

that the cost of this test is  to be paid by the buyer.




Fingers crossed for a litter in early November.

Sire: PRA b    PLL clear

Dam PRA a    PLL clear

Sorry all pups are ordered.






I would just like to add a bit of information here, as the past secretary of our ACD Club of Vic and past editor of our newsletter, I often get phone calls & e-mails from trusting buyers, some of them in tears, who have paid big money for a pup from a registered breeder, not some back yard person, and 6 or 7 months down the track they still have not received their registration papers, this is after they have contacted the breeder

numerous times, who seems to come up with all these weid and wonderful excuses as to what the hold up is.

Ask the person that you are buying the pup from, (and it does not matter where you are buying your new pup from) if they are going to supply to you at the time you pick up your pup, who must be 8 weeks of age, and pay the money,


either limit (orange paper ) or main ( blue ) registration papers from Dogs Vic, or if buying interstate it will be Dogs NSW/ QLD etc. check that this is signed on the reverse side by the seller,We have just been informed by Dogs Vic that there will no longer be priority registration of puppies as of now, so it is possible we may have to wait a bit for Pedigree papers,vaccination card from vet, microchip transfer papers,  list of food that the puppy is used to eating, a copy of the PRA status of the sire & dam of litter,or the pups, the results of a baer test of your pup, (this is a hearing test) and a Breed Profile of the breed that you are buying.




We are bound by the rules of Dogs Vic to give to buyers when they pick up their pup all relevant paperwork.





Any problems can be easily solved by getting in touch with Dogs Vic and stating your case.

Ask for a complaint form to be sent out to you, fill it in and send it.

You do not have to be a member of Dogs Vic to do this.



One lady told me she thought she had her dogs papers and faxed it through to me to look at for her.

All she had was the microchipping papers.

She still does not have the right paperwork!



Another interstate lady bought a pup from a Vic breeder, suitable to show and breed with. When she had the pup tested for PRA  it was a "C". She was not happy that she wasn`t told the parents PRA status.

She feels the breeder should have informed her.



And while we have some really honest, genuine breeders within our breed, there are those who bring our breed into disrepute by not doing the right thing, not just once but time and time again.


Another lady had to have her pup replaced because of health issues with the original pup, she was not able to get the papers for the new pup because it was a GIFT!! So she was told.

This was the third pup that she had from this breeder, two of which had serious health issues and now a third with no papers.


Is this the way to get people interested in our breed?




Another lady sent a deposit to a breeder in Tasmania for a pup, she has no pup and no deposit returned.



Another man had bought his pup from a breeder, and 6 months down the track he still did not have the papers, but at least this breeder did answer his calls and e-mails eventually, telling him it was Dogs Vic fault that the papers hadn`t come through.




Another breeder who did not supply the papers for the pup that was bought, has finally answered the ladies e-mails, stating if she wants the dogs papers she will have to pay an extra $400.


I just wonder where they pluck these  amounts from. She had already paid $1500 for the pup and now he wants another $400??




I am beginning to think that the name of this page should be 

"My Whinge Page"

But I find it so sad that firstly people can treat each other this way, but secondly it all reflects so damned bad on Australian Cattle Dogs

their owners / breeders as a whole!






Here we go again, a buyer travels from Melbourne to NSW to pick up an eight week old pup, that they had had ordered, and guess what the buyer was told yes she is registered, what they omitted to tell them was that it was registered with a breed club not

Dogs NSW

When are these unscrupulous people going to get it??


And for those of you that wonder in what price range a well bred and tested puppy would be worth, I would say that they start at about $1,400 and go up to


  That is unless you want to go onto a certain web site or something similar and buy something with no genuine papers, no health tests, probably no genuine breeders. 

All breeders with Dogs Vic, who by the way are the ONLY registers of Purebred dogs, must have a number, which can be checked by you. We also must have a source number.

They are the only organisation that can supply you with a registered multi generation pedigree.

So if the seller answers no to any of these questions, well feel sure you know the answer.



If you require a dog or bitch to breed with, (you would have to have a breeders prefix) pup would have to be registered on the main ( blue ) register, you will most likely be asked for your registration number  with Dogs Vic or which ever state that you are in.



We have a person in Q`ld who bought 3 mature dogs for breeding purposes, for a considerable amount of money from Victoria, the only paperwork he received was their registration papers, no test results for PRA or Baer testing, both of which had been done, no microchipping papers, no vaccination

certificates, no information on how many times the bitches had whelped, which in turn could have been

fatal for one of the bitches, as she has special treatment needs when in whelp.


​ Had a lady ring me looking for a show quality pup, do I know anyone with pups?

She had already rung a couple of breeders, the first one that she contacted in NSW & Qld wouldn`t sell her a pup because she was a newbie.

The second phone call was in Vic, and this breeder wouldn`t sell a pup she had advertised because she was in the same state as the lady wanting to buy a pup.

Is this a new way to get people interested in and showing our breed?



We have members of Dogs Vic now selling puppies that are not registered, this is on top of that other incident concerning our breed, you only need one incident to taint all connected with that breed, what a shame!


And there is more, some bright spark has told their buyers that the parents of the litter they have for sale have been Baer (hearing ) tested so that means they don`t have to test the pups. Wrong!!

When will all this end?




We have a breeder in Vic who sent a pup up to Qld to another breeder who paid a lot of money for the pup,which was to be their stud dog, yes says the Vic breeder his hearing is fine, when the buyer took him to her vet to get checked out, they discovered he was deaf in one ear so obviously his hearing was not fine and certainly not fine for her to be breeding with, which was her intention.


More unregistered puppies are being sold and leaving home under the 8 week minimum age!


Now we have a 5 and a half week old sold to a buyer, thankfully not from a reg breeder!


Now we have a lady who bought a bitsa pup for $3,000, seller told her if she joins Dogs Vic and gets a Breeders Prefix, she will be able to breed with her little bitch.

Sorry won`t happen!


We also have a breeder on Dogzonline advertising under Pups For Sale, I did not think you could keep an add on there when you don`t have pups?

Very misleading and time-wasting for people looking for a pup.


Another breeder is asking for deposits just to go in their order book, REALLY!

We are just going from bad to worse here.



*And stop giving people money unless you have puppy and all appropiate papers in hand!!


































And sister Willow
The other ear is still thinking about it.
Beauvest Blue Jaida Kitty
Landmaster Memphis Marfia
Landmaster Memphis Marfia
2 girls by Memphis




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